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Welcome to Tateyama Base! (Tateyama Kichi e Yōkoso!, 館山基地へようこそ!) is the 1st episode of the Warlords of Sigrdrifa (Anime).


Due to an incident where Valkyrie Claudia Bruford who perpetual record as the single survivor of pillar extermination team is transferred to Japan.


July 20th, 2020 in the Gulf of Alaska, a submerged lone submarine fires off a missile. At Denali Alaska, several Nighthawk and other types of airplanes fight off a giant skeletal centipede like creature. After bombing a nearby giant cerulean pillar to draw the attention of the monster; the entire Nighthawk are eliminated by red horseshoe crab creatures that spawned from the pillar. Taking into account their mission, the remaining forces try and draw away the monster, so the missile fired by the Naval Submarine, could destroy the pillar. Using its body as a shield to protect the pillar, the monster takes the missile hit and the pillar now glow bright red sends out a shock wave that destroys the remaining fleet.

A round table conference is held with official from all across the world discussing the recent failed attack on the pillar. Furthermore, the pillars that spawned all across the world within the last year is then discussed and its effects on the economic life in the world. Just then, a young boy wearing an eye patch appears on top of the table claiming to be a god. To prove his claim, the boy transforms into an adult wearing a typical magician like clothing and introduces himself as Odin, Chief of the Gods. He announces that he'll give the strength to help them defeat the grand crisis they now face and introduces his daughter a Valkyrie to help them as Ragnarök is coming.

5 years later, in June of 2025 at the Alps - Mont Blanc, a group of war planes go on the offensive against a white pillar. They're met with a swarm of creatures known as Bandits that spawn from the misty depths of the pillar. Soon a Valkyrie whose code name is Schwertleite arrives in her plane known as a "herocraft" and acts as support on Odin's behalf. With her help from the power of her magic missile called Tyrfing, however, in the end the Valkyrie is the only one left.

Schwertleite whose real name is Claudia learns that she's being transferred to Japan from her superior Rusalka in her office. Clau's comrades known as Leyli and Lizbet voice their opposition to this, but the matter has been finalized.

Riding on the Hero Wing Long-Range Transport "A800ZM Typhoon", Clau is en-route to Japan, but a newly formed pillar that spawns a enemies from the ocean below, goes on the offensive. Immediately as Clau was preparing herself to do a counter-attack against the monsters, three Valkyrie pilots Azuzu, Miyako, and Sonoka arrive. In their combined efforts, they hold off the monsters, on the other hand, Clau still insists on going out to help them. From their combined effort, they manage to make the creature die of exhaustion. Their job finished, the three pilots head off and Clau says her goodbyes to them figuring she'll never see them again any time soon. Contrary to this belief, after landing in the air base in Japan, she's meet by Miko in the airstrip.

The following day at the Tateyama Base HQ, Clau is meets with her new superior Ichiro Satomi. He informs Clau of a welcoming party that's going to be held for her after the level 2 alert is called off. To pass the time, Ichiro has Miya give her a tour of the base. At the start of the tour the two are formally introduced by one another. The first place the two visit is the hanger area where the planes are stored and maintained. They meet the crew and the Maintenance Team Leader, before they head on back to work. Following the hanger, the next place they visit is the cafeteria, however, it's closed due to the level 2 alert. They're then joined by Sono who joins them on their tour of the base and visit the fields next. It's there that Loquat curry is being served and while they sit and enjoy their curry, they see Azu playing with some kids. Azu signals them for help, so Sono volunteers to help. Eventually, Azu joins them and tries to act pompously in front of Clau, but is stopped by Sono. After a brief incident, involving Azu and Miya; Clau, Sono, and Azu discuss why Azu was transferred to their base. As the trio talk about this, the three women in the radar station pick up an enemy signal from the ocean.

In light of this, the four ace pilots head to the hanger, get into their planes, and set off to fight the newly formed pillar underneath the water. Due to this, however, they're unable to launch a proper counterattack against it and the multiple enemies spawned from it. Therefore, they group and discuss how to proceed together with their Commander Ichiro, who advises them to fish it out. Now with support from reinforcements and their modified airplanes, they manage to fish out the pillar that appearance is like a giant whale. Ultimately, Sono finishes off the pillar with her sword and no lives were lost in the confrontation.